Body Rider Fan Bike

Body Rider Fan Bike Review

body rider fan bikeBody Rider Fan Bike – just like any other indoor exercise bike, is designed to bring you more enjoyable and exciting home exercise. This bike is a perfect device for your lower and upper body’s part exercise. Body Rider Fan Bike has great features, very solid, and worth the price. You may usually find that most of exercise bikes are designed to improve your lower body parts only and does not include capability to help your upper body training. However, this bike is capable to provide you with excellent system for your workout plan not only the lower part, packed in sophisticated design, and completed with very useful features. If you don’t have much time to go to the gym and exercising because of your hectic schedule, then take the gym into your house. It is a great tool with great value for the price, offered in sturdy and elegant design that will suit with your home decoration, easy to assembly and set up, with great mobility and durability. But before you decide on which sports equipment to buy, you better pay attention to what really suits you the most and what do you really need, because each equipment have its own specialization and even some also equipped with particular feature that you want. Some factors like which body parts you wanted to build, or whether you want to get short-term or long-term exercise plan.

See the Design – Clean, Clear, and Compact.

Well, for some people, size does matter. So, it is important for them to purchase certain device that fit to their taste. Judging from its appearance, Body Rear Fan Bike is very simple yet very durable with its clean and elegant look. The durability is supported with steel frame that makes it looks strong and stable enough. The design is quite compact and very light compared to the other bikes in its class. This bike measures 41.75 x 22 x 46.5 inches for the dimension, and it is weighing in at 47.3 pound only. This lightweight bike is suitable to be placed in your living room or bedroom, and the size is perfect to provide you with an elliptical and lower body part exercise, as well as to improve your health. The ergonomic design allows you to get real biking experience, to improve your cardio health as well as the strength of your arms. This bike is versatile, with its function to improve not only your lower part of your body, but also the upper part as well. It comes with adjustable and comfortable seat for your own convenient and comfort. The durability is great; very sturdy and solid, durable, as well as clean and sleek.

What Are the Features Body Rider Fan Bike?

With capability to help you to train your cardiovascular and strength of your lower body parts, this bike also capable to improve your upper body with the dual action handlebars for better result. You can get a full-body workout simply and effectively in your home, less time-consuming, and more efficient. It looks like the bike’s capability to support body workout for your lower and upper body parts are the most attractive features of it. However, you will see that not only that feature that stands out, but there are also more. The bike is equipped with manual adjustable tension that will give you more realistic biking experience. You can set the tension based on your needs with a turn of knobs, and you can adjust whether you want to get lighter or more strenuous exercise. With its lightweight size, this bike is capable to hold heavy loads up to 250 pound users.

Still Can’t Get Enough?

body rider brf700Body Rider Fan bike will give you extra comfort while exercising. It features innovative fan wheel which can produce mild breeze that will freshen and keep your body cool during workout. The fan is capable to increase or decrease based on your pedalling power and maintains your heat range under control – the harder you pedal the bike, the more powerful breeze it will produce. The adjustable seat and height is very useful if the purpose of this bike is to be used by multiple users. This device is also equipped with LCD screen that can display your tracks time, distance traveled, and calories burned, so you can easily monitor your progress and set up your workout plan easily. Easily assembled, the manufacturer offers this dual function fan bike with limited one-year warranty for the frame, and 90-day on all parts. If you are looking for a cheap, throughout stationary bicycle, then you can see that this bike a perfect solution.

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What Other People Say?

This bike has complete feature to help you exercise and improve your health, from upper part to lower part of your body. Judging from the feedback given by multiple customers around the world, they show quite satisfaction and positive response towards this bike. Currently, average customers review on Amazon shows 3.8 out of 5 stars rating given by 299 customers.
“Great bike, but be wary of the seat”
“The best exercise machine ever for the price”
“Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!”
“Great bike”
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Any Complain?

The most visible downside experienced by the users is coming from its seat. Though the seat is fully adjustable, but it has metallic foundation that will cause pain on your bottom after exercising, so you will need to get comfortable seat cover. Not only that, some customers also deplore that the height adjustability is inaccurate, because it seems that this bike is not suitable for people whose height is more than 6’2, and it only can hold up heavy loads up to 250.

The Verdict

Besides those minor sides, this bike is capable to deliver excellent performance. It is an all-in-one package exercise machine, and very suitable for your workout plan. The company also offers this device with very affordable price range, and reliable warranty.

Where to Get Body Rider Fan Bike?

If you want to purchase this bike, the place where you can get the best deal is Amazon. Currently, it is offered only for $119.98 (discount up to 60% from $299.99) and they have reliable customer service. You can also see what other customers’ opinion about this device.

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